Business Owners & Web Marketing During Covid-19

We all know it’s scary times out there. It seems like every hour the situation changes and it’s impossible to know when life will get back to ‘normal’.

As a small business owner you’re probably concerned about your business and also have more time on your hands than usual.

With more people at home and online your website and web presence is now more than ever a key tool to communicate with you customers and clients. With all this in mind, we’ve created a list of things you could do now to improve your web presence.

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  1. Website Redesign
    Website design projects can be time consuming. Often this is because key decision makers with a business are required to help define the messaging and manage approvals. With the regular day-to-day demands of running a business the website project is often put aside.
    If you have been planning to update or create a new website for your business this may be the perfect time to get it done efficiently.
  2. Ecommerce
    Ecommerce continues to grow as a percentage of gross sales. We can be sure the current pandemic will only accelerate this long-term trend. If you’ve been considering adding ecommerce to your business or want to improve your online sales this is the time.
  3. SEO
    SEO is a great way to improve the visibility of your business in Google search results and get more visitors to your website. Similar to a website redesign, this may be something you have been planning to do but haven’t had the time to focus on. SEO can take a few months to show results. Starting now could get you in position to take advantage of the positive results when customers are back shopping.
  4. Update your newsletter templates and strategy
    If you use email in your marketing strategy are there opportunities to improve your email design? Do you have a communication plan and content strategy in place.
  5. Analytics & Reporting
    Understanding how your clients find you online and how they interact with your website is valuable information that you can use to improve any of your online activities. Do you have Google Analytics installed and customized for your needs? Putting in the time now to get your reporting up to date will help you to improve your web marketing results in the future.
  6. Online advertising
    If your business is operational through this crisis online ads could be an important tool to keep sales coming in. Review your strategy and ad content and get the most out of your marketing dollars.

It’s a challenging time for all businesses but it may be an opportunity to improve your website and web marketing so that when business gets back to normal you are well positioned to make up for the lost time.

During this time we are offering any business a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your needs or answer any questions regarding your digital strategy.

Say safe, stay home and see you online!

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