Quick SEO Tips You Can Implement On Your Website Today

You wouldn’t expect mail to arrive at your home if there was no address on it, would you? Having the right information on the envelope is key to ensuring that the mail gets to the right person.

Think of search engine optimization (SEO) as the address written on your webpage that ensures a postal worker (search engine) can find you and deliver your content to the right person.

We’ve put together some quick SEO tips for you to conduct an audit of your webpage to ensure search engines can read and rank your content well, leading to more traffic. More traffic will naturally result in more leads and sales!

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Tip 1: On Page SEO 

Ensure your SEO fields are properly filled out. Use concise titles and URLs for your pages with strong meta description and tags. These are the first things search engines capture.

In the body of your pages, use your Heading 1 (H1) tags to break your text into manageable chunks. H1 tags are the first information search engines read. 

Make it simple for visitors to navigate your site with clear menus and page titles. To double check that your page titles give out clear information you can bookmark your own pages and review the titles.

Don’t try to squeeze information onto one page – create unique pages for each subject and product. More pages leads to more keywords, which means more material for search engines to read. It’s a win for everyone.

Spend some time doing keyword research so that you understand how people are searching for your product and use those search phrases in your SEO. Using this method will allow the search engine to match your site to a potential customer search. 

“If a search engine cannot quickly and easily understand what your site is about, it is less likely to display it in search results.” 


Tip 2: Post Content Regularly & Make it Shareable

The more content your website has, the more opportunities you give search engines to connect your website with a customers search. Having a blog, or even a photo gallery that you update regularly creates more pages for search engines to crawl. At the end of the day the more content you have the more opportunities you have to  sprinkle in relevant keywords to help customers find you. 

You also want to be sure that you are adding the opportunity to share your pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest as this creates valuable links back to your webpage and increases traffic. 


Tip 3: A picture may be worth 1000 words, but not to a search engine

While websites with large beautiful images are very nice, search engines can’t “read” pictures, so you want to be sure you include alternative text when uploading them that clearly states what is depicted in the image and also uses your keywords. This includes saving the images on your computer with the appropriate title before uploading to your website.

Ensure you have text up front on your home page, not a long series of images visitors need to scroll past before they get to your selling proposition. 

Visitors should be able to tell exactly what your site is about in 5 seconds

Tip 4: Use Links Wisely 

Links are another great way to get your site discovered. When a search engine detects other pages linking to your site, and you have links to other pages your rank gets higher. 

Each time you write a post, make sure you have at least two external links to other relevant pages, whether it’s backing up some data, or crediting a photo. Include internal links within your own site too – to similar products, or to your contact page. 

And after you’ve done your link building, check your site regularly for broken links & fix them. 

Set up a Google Alert so you can see where people are talking about you and invite them to link to your site. Hubspot has some great link building email templates you can grab here to help with your reach out.

Take a moment now to open an incognito window and google yourself. Make note of your current google ranking. Then go over your site using these tips and try again in another 30 days! 


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