Sparrow Digital’s Green Initiative & How You Can Green Your Workplace.

September 13 2017

In light of Hurricane Irma, we’ve reflected on how as a company, Sparrow Digital can continue to work hard on reducing our footprint on the planet. There is no denying that climate change is occurring and we all need to be responsible of our own actions.


  • Find your local Electronics Recycling Company.
    In Montreal we use Sun Tech Recycle We use computers to perform all our work projects. We use computers, keyboards, laptops, monitors, cables, and printers and let’s not forget our mobile phones. All of this equipment consists of metals and toxic waste that fills up in our landfills. These types of products should not be thrown out with your regular garbage.  Instead, computers, electronics ie. e-waste can be recycled with a proper Electronics Recycling Company. They will recycle and dispose of these materials through state of the art “end of life” processing.
  • Aime for a Paperless Office.
    Though the paperless office may still seem unrealistic, at least try to cut down on the printed material when possible. Is it necessary to print, think twice about it and if you can refrain from printing your saving paper, trees, and not using chemical inks that pollute our waters systems? And on that note buy the recycled printed paper.Incorporate a friendly reminder in your email about printing. It’s an easy way to remind yourself as well as those you send emails to consider not printing.  Here is a link you can follow to include it in your Email signature:
  • The three R’s will never get old. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!
    Apply all three R’s In the office and office kitchen. If you don’t already do so, make sure there is an office recycling program enforced in your company/office.
  • Use Reusable bottles for water instead of buying plastic water bottles. Too many water bottles are ending up in the ocean and in landfills instead of being recycled, which take hundreds of years to break down and in that time causing harm to our ecosystems and wildlife. Think of how much gas is needed to transport water bottles and the harmful toxins needed to create the water bottle. By simply refilling your reusable bottle you are helping reduce your overall footprint on the planet and helping with the effects of climate change.
  • Transportation
    For those who do come to the office on a regular basis, encourage and help arrange to carpool, use of public transit, biking or walking.
  • Use a Shared Office Space
    Shared office spaces are growing in popularity with businesses of all sizes. A shared office solution allows you to reduce your energy usage. Compared to a traditional office environment, the eco-friendly advantages of a shared office or coworking space like the one we use at Le Tableau Blanc. Sparrow Digital is proud to be part of a shared office community. Shared offices and the implementation of green practices are the ideal way to reduce your business’ operating costs, as well as your carbon footprint.For more ideas on how to green your workplace check out David Suzuki Foundation for more tips.

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