Get your Marketing Strategy set for 2020

Investing time to understand where your web marketing plan is now and where you want it to go in 2020 will give you a positive start to hit the ground running for the first quarter.

montreal web marketing plan 2020

Review your high level objectives:

  1. Budget
    It’s essential to identify what you are planing to invest in your marketing for the coming year. Your budget will help to define what projects you can take on. 

  2. Content
    Images, video and text are all important components of web marketing campaigns. Consider what you can do to develop content.
  3. Social Media
    How have you managed social media in the past? Are there areas for improvement? Social Media platforms continue to grow in their effectiveness for marketing your business.
  4. Industry Trends
    Take a step back and look at your industry. Have things changed in the past year? Are there ways to incorporate the changing landscape into your web marketing plans?
  5. Your Competitors
    Have your competitors changed this year? What opportunities can you find?
  6. Share your Web Marketing plan
    Once you have your plan, share it! Make sure you have the buy-in of all the key decision makers at your business.
  7. Get the support you need
    Will you be carrying out all your marketing plans in-house? Maybe this is the year that you get additional support. Consider the pros and cons of working with a web marketing digital agency. 

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