Why Welcome Emails Are The Most Important Email You Will Send.

What is a Welcome Email?

A welcome email refers to an email that goes out immediately to your subscriber.  This is the first email they will receive when they sign up to your email list. This could be a standard email, with a link to your opt-in.  Or it could simply be your latest newsletter, which may or may not arrive in close proximity to when your subscriber joined the list.

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Why Are They So Important?


The first reason why your welcome email is so important is that people expect one.

In a recent survey 74.4% of people said that they expected a welcome email when they signed up to a newsletter.

So, nearly 3/4 of your audience, when they sign up for your newsletter. They expect a welcome email, they took the time to sign up because of interest and expect to receive something back.  If a welcome email doesn’t come, at best they might not even notice, perhaps even forgetting about you entirely. At worst, they might be confused or disheartened by not receiving any communication to welcome them to your list.

Open Rate

If you send out newsletters already, you might have noticed that not exactly 100% of your audience is opening your emails. Now, whilst there are certainly ways to combat this (from crafting email subject lines to getting your timings right) it is by no means certain that a subscriber is going to open your newsletter.

The average open rate for emails in the real estate industry, for example, is a mere 14 %!

If you are interested in the average open rate across industries, you can check out MailChimp’s research table here.

However, for welcome emails this is quite the different story. In fact research has shown that the average open rate for welcome emails is 50% — 86% more effective than email newsletters. [source]

And those are certainly not numbers we can ignore, right?

What Should I Put in My Welcome Email

So what do we actually put in this super duper email? Well, it’s really going to depend on what the overall goal of your business is and what stage your subscriber is at, as to what the most relevant information you want to convey to them is. However, broadly speaking, the following are a good idea:

Your Opt-In

It goes without saying I’m sure, but if you have promised any kind of gift, special offer or resource this should be included within your first email.


Half the battle with emails is getting past the overzealous spam filters of your subscriber’s email providers. So, to prevent email providers from unleashing the spam filters, you might want to just drop a PS reminder in to ask your new email friend if they wouldn’t mind dropping you into a primary inbox to make sure they get all your awesomeness.

Your Story

This welcome email is likely to be one of the first time you have connected with your new email friend in a more one-on-one type capacity. They might have just popped by your website, seen your opt-in and joined the list – without too much knowledge about who you are and what your story is. So, you might want to use this time to introduce yourself and start establishing that emotional connection.

Your Social Platforms

We can assume that once someone is signed up to our email that they will automatically go to all our social media accounts and follow up across the board. This isn’t necessarily the case, so it’s worth reminding your new email friend that you have other homes across the internet that they might want to come and visit you in.

What’s Next

Tell them when and what they can expect from your next emails, so they know to keep an eye out for your next email.

People that read at least one welcome message read more than 40% of their messages from the sending brand during the following 180 days. [source]

What does this mean? Well not only will your first welcome email have a much higher than average open rate but if you send a welcome email, which your subscriber reads, then any subsequent emails within the next 180 days, are more likely to be read as well.

So, whilst you might want to include your main objective within the first email – you can certainly use a welcome series to take advantage of a high open rate for those subsequent emails.

Hope this post will motivate you to write a welcome letter if you don’t have one.  And for those of you who do, well done! Your subscribers do appreciate it and will most likely continue to open your emails and see what you have to offer. This is gold when it comes to marketing!!! Remeber this is direct contact with your client/consumer. Priceless!

If you still have some question on how to put a Welcome Email together, you can check out our step by step instructions on how to do this with MailChimp here. Or contact our team at Sparrow Digital, we can help set you up and manage your vibrant email marketing campaigns for you.

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